If all you can do is think, then scribble. And if all you can do is scribble, then write.
-Shruti Ohri
Hey. My blog is all about my compositions and stuff that I like to share. It includes some of my photography as well.
Isn’t writing one of the most beautiful feelings?
You can just write, write and write. And then, you can write everything down on that piece of paper, that word document, even in the notes section that your phone has. Or maybe just on a spare sheet of paper.
Writing lets me express myself, and makes me happy. :))
And they say, hold on to whatever makes you happy.
And hey, isn’t everyone a writer? YES YOU ARE A WRITER TOO.
A thought came to your mind? Scribble it down somewhere.You never know when you might end up writing an entire poem or story, or write-up when you intended to start with only one sentence.
So, let yourself read, dream, explore and think.
And Believe.
And write.
Keep Smiling. ❤
Shruti Ohri



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