~They Say.

Look at the clouds, wrap the moon, Moving to their own beat, their own tune, They said, the moon and clouds like to stay away, But I could see the clouds begging the moon to stay. They said the rain didn't like the sky, so it fell, That the rain had its own story to... Continue Reading →


~Equality. Peace out.

Hi, all of you. I'm here to talk about a very delicate yet serious issue. No it's not global warming. It's feminism. Okay, stop, before you roll your eyes and decide to skip this post, let me clarify one thing. I support feminism, as in equality. You know, the original purpose of this movement; equality.... Continue Reading →

~Your happy place?

Choose. Choose your own happy place, Somewhere to be, somewhere safe, A place to be, a place to smile, A place that'll embrace you after the hard, dusty mile. Choose. Choose your own ways, To wander and spend your days, One way too short and one too long, Just don't forget to look for the... Continue Reading →

~The Old City.

Magical it is; this old city's lane, Eyeing the old hooks on the windowpane, Cobwebs and old mirrors hanging on the walls, Answering only to wind's calls. Layers and layers of dust on the floor, The doorknobs don't turn anymore, Isolated rooms, home to stones and bricks, Oh, the old myths and tricks. Down the... Continue Reading →

~The Sunshine Blogger Award.

Thaaanks so much Megha for nominating me for this award! Guys, check out her amazing blog! Megha is an amazing blogger and you'll love her beautiful work, so go check it out! RULES: 1. Thank the person who nominated you. 2. Answer the questions from the person who has nominated you. 3. Nominate other bloggers... Continue Reading →

~Like the ocean.

Like the ocean, you kept coming back, Over a stretch, over another crack, Like the waves keep calling out to the shore, You kept coming back for more. Like the ocean, you were full of memories, Flying kites through the salty breeze, Like sandcastles, you were slowly building, Meeting the waves, and soon falling. Like... Continue Reading →


She walked down the street, Head held high, nothing to lose, nothing to beat, Gliding forward, reaching pretty sights, Yet she fell, after soaring heights. The pretty leaves fell, stripping the trees bare, Always succumbing to winter's glare, Only to make way for prettier leaves, soon, Occasionally embracing a little cocoon. The sun shined like... Continue Reading →

~A twinkling night.

Twinkling stars on a silent night, Raising my head to a magical sight, They were like fireflies buzzing together, Holding on and glowing for each other. Beneath them, across a shining floor, The waves kept meeting the shore, The waves kept pushing, making their way, Ah, if only the shore could have its way. The... Continue Reading →


I held the door open wide, Waiting for you to come inside, The clock kept ticking, time passing by, You didn't turn up, I wonder why. We made it through the rough ways, Through the evil storms and the dusky days, We even beat the ants to their hill, But I'm here waiting for you,... Continue Reading →


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