~ 20 Questions Tag

Yes. I know I haven't been posting anything lately. But I swear have a lot of stuff in store, and will definitely return to my normal schedule vvv soooon! It's been vvvv busyyy, latelyy. Anyway, Harsimar nominated me for the 20 questions tag, and it seemed so interesting that I just had to do it... Continue Reading →


~Her Own Infinity. (COLLAB)

Aaand, I'm back, with another collab! It feels so GOOOOD to finally be getting on with these collabs. Man it's been a long time, since we've been working on this. This collab is with Saumya Agrawal, go check her blog out. It is amazingg. Totally worth it, you won't regret it! She's a wonderful writer/photographer/blogger!... Continue Reading →

~Mystique. (collab.)

HEYY EVERYONEE! So, Riya and I did a collab, finally, and it was really fun! Such fun it was to decide on a topic and alternatively write stanzas for the collab! She's a brilliant writer and a amazingg photographer as well, so go ahead and check her blog out, here. So read on, The stanzas... Continue Reading →

~ Time Lapse.

It's like a time lapse all around me, The hustle, the chaos makes me kinda dizzy, We're like a train stopping by every station, Finding our way through the moods and frustration. It's like a time lapse all around me, Everything is moving so fast in this city, But there in the middle of a... Continue Reading →

~ 3 days, 3 Quotes. DAY 3.

So, Day 3 got me confused about which quote I should select from the several fandoms I belong to, and so I did them justice by selecting a quote that didn't belong to ANY of them. Ha! Such fair play, I tell you. I really love this quote, it puts together all my favv things... Continue Reading →

~3 Days, 3 Quotes. DAY 2.

" If you want to know what a man's like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals."    - Sirius Black This quote is definitely one of my ALL TIME favv quotes. The way a person treats his inferiors can say a lot about them. Actions can say a... Continue Reading →

~ 3 Days, 3 Quotes- DAY 1.

HEYYY PEOPLEEE HOW ARE YOU? So, I've been nominated for the 3 Days, 3 Quotes challenge by SO MANY people, and I've been putting it on hold for a while now, (not on purpose, I swear), but THAAANKYOU people, I'm finallyyy gonna do this! A huge shoutout to Megha Bhartiya, SannSpeaks, RiddhimaPenner, Saumya Agrawal, The... Continue Reading →

~These words between.

Standing in the middle of a busy room, Thankful to the loud music ringing in our ears, If silence was light; our silence would wipe out all the gloom, The silence between us was the potion to all our fears. These words that I had to say to you, I almost said them, but I... Continue Reading →


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