~ Familiar.

The clock struck five as I opened the door, A few old things lay scattered on the floor. I reached for the bookshelf that seemed a little bigger The smell of these books always seemed better. The curtains lost their colour; from orange to gray, Neither could the rusty compass lead my way, The mugs... Continue Reading →


~ Rainbows From Stereotypes.

Another day, another sunrise, A regular morning with no surprise, He sat at his table warming his mug of coffee, Two hearts were separated by the society. An ardent reader throughout the years, Accustomed to books; cliffhangers and tears Dreaming and believing poetry and prose, He'd been told that, "life isn't sunshine and rainbows." The... Continue Reading →

~ Chaos.

Breathing in the music around, Symphonies extending, no limits bound, Soaring through the peaceful rhythms, If only I could hold the harmony within. Meaningful words, unpredictable moments, Sentences that shape, emotions woven, A temptation unseen, a habit so keen, A melody without a chord to strike. A field without boundaries, A place where all limits... Continue Reading →

~ Writing Reflections.(COLLAB)

Hey everybody, YESS I'M HERE WITH ANOTHER COLLAB, Man I've been typing this sentence quite often lately. But oh, it feels so gooood to catch up on all these pending collaborations, and believe me, when I say 'pending', I really mean pending since like 3-4 months, so YAYYY. This time I did a collab with... Continue Reading →

~ Inspiration. ( COLLAB)

YESS, back with another collab. This is so exciting! So this time, I collaborated with Rayan who is an amazingg blogger! Go check out his blog, and you'll see a variety of posts ( that you'll absolutely love by the way), and will click the follow button instantlyy!We've written alternate lines, the first one written... Continue Reading →

~ 20 Questions Tag

Yes. I know I haven't been posting anything lately. But I swear have a lot of stuff in store, and will definitely return to my normal schedule vvv soooon! It's been vvvv busyyy, latelyy. Anyway, Harsimar nominated me for the 20 questions tag, and it seemed so interesting that I just had to do it... Continue Reading →

~Her Own Infinity. (COLLAB)

Aaand, I'm back, with another collab! It feels so GOOOOD to finally be getting on with these collabs. Man it's been a long time, since we've been working on this. This collab is with Saumya Agrawal, go check her blog out. It is amazingg. Totally worth it, you won't regret it! She's a wonderful writer/photographer/blogger!... Continue Reading →

~Mystique. (collab.)

HEYY EVERYONEE! So, Riya and I did a collab, finally, and it was really fun! Such fun it was to decide on a topic and alternatively write stanzas for the collab! She's a brilliant writer and a amazingg photographer as well, so go ahead and check her blog out, here. So read on, The stanzas... Continue Reading →


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