~Riddle Me This

Riddle me this if you wouldAmong fantasies and illusionsWhat would you choose if you could? Strings of the past or intuitive conclusionsSpinning into whirlpools of dubiety,Among illusions and fantasies Dodging the wrath of the societyTo shield the existence of the eccentricSpinning into whirlpools of dubiety,Mirroring each other- oh is it a trick?Literal it appears; a... Continue Reading →

~Literal Dimensions.

Deep in the oceans swimming beneath are traces of peaceUnder the surface of Earth are sparks waiting to ignite,Beneath your skin and mineThere are scars, healing, and struggling to fight,Deep within us are broken hearts claiming to be fine.Hidden behind our words are tales infiniteBeyond the expanse of our sentences lies a different horizon,Soaking in... Continue Reading →

~Silver Lining?

Can you hear the whispers of Mother Earth? Can you hear her sigh from this chaotic dearth? It’s almost as if this was part of a plan all along, The lyrics of a pandemic made way for Mother Earth’s song. They say to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, Perhaps the existing... Continue Reading →

~ Blue Moons

Standing in a whirlpool of alphabets I stand still as they mock me, The letters hit me faster than deep regrets And yet I fail to hold onto them, oh their taunting spree. I see them all around Everything and everywhere-no limits bound, Tales on their faces, tales in their words Tales as they set... Continue Reading →

~Of words and scribbles

A closed up journal waiting to be filled with words and scribbles; to be read within codes of their own identity discoveries to be made of their cryptic bubbles. It's been penned and scribbled against for several times with weapons of thoughts; yet the abstract might seem fazed out as the pages remain empty, robbed... Continue Reading →

~Oh, these words.

Aimless conversations and sentences; broken, Emotions spun and expressions woven, Such little can be said in time immense, I knew there was more to this dramatic suspense. These threads of letters are all that I know, All that I can keep; all that I can show, Hidden beneath layers of hesitance, The crumpled sheets on... Continue Reading →

~ Are you still there?

Are you still there? Struggling to survive in that wicked place Where even words get hit by waves of solace Knocking on doors looking for shelter Only to end up at abandoned homes and dead ends. Are you still there? Hiding away in an unknown land Losing all hope in a pit of quicksand Running... Continue Reading →

~ Familiar.

The clock struck five as I opened the door, A few old things lay scattered on the floor. I reached for the bookshelf that seemed a little bigger The smell of these books always seemed better. The curtains lost their colour; from orange to gray, Neither could the rusty compass lead my way, The mugs... Continue Reading →

~ Rainbows From Stereotypes.

Another day, another sunrise, A regular morning with no surprise, He sat at his table warming his mug of coffee, Two hearts were separated by the society. An ardent reader throughout the years, Accustomed to books; cliffhangers and tears Dreaming and believing poetry and prose, He'd been told that, "life isn't sunshine and rainbows." The... Continue Reading →

~ Chaos.

Breathing in the music around, Symphonies extending, no limits bound, Soaring through the peaceful rhythms, If only I could hold the harmony within. Meaningful words, unpredictable moments, Sentences that shape, emotions woven, A temptation unseen, a habit so keen, A melody without a chord to strike. A field without boundaries, A place where all limits... Continue Reading →


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